Salut (Hi), Things Have Been Interesting…

Its almost 6 months since I last wrote, a lot has changed.. and stayed the same.

First, I have to admit the depression has in someways decreased. How? I’ve started a new business, taken on online networking, and learning from one of the most resourceful mentor I could’ve ever imagined learning from. I consider my new name “Little Samurai” because I am trying to duplicate my mentor’s zen-like skills. So, I am mentally drained by the end of each day and not able to post on here, like I once did.

Secondly, I’ve found a simple way to curb my appeite and lost over 10lbs withOUT having to exercise. I am so incredibly happy about that! However, I have decided to include daily 45 min dance fitness into my morning routine anyway… and now seeing my arms and legs starting tone!

Thirdly, (and I’m still shocked myself) but I’ve also introduced 10 min daily mediation. Been noticing I am able to concentrate and focus on tasks a lot longer without panicking. All I do is light a candle, put my headphones on with some music and try my best to focus on the flame for 10 mins straight. Every time my mind wanders I place a line on my note pad.

Disclaimer: I wanted to find a way to stop the racing thoughts and quiet my mind. I have found that this technique is so simple technique, yet so powerful. Thank you to the person who recommended this to me. If you try this technique, please let me know how it works for you and ALWAYS be cautious and responsible around an open flame:

Lastly, I finally got my college accomodation papers from my school! So now I have documentation to show the ASD screening individuals that stating, YES I did get many forms of accomodation and psychotherapy during school. I’m so grateful to those who know my actual history and continuing to support me.

Now onto what hasn’t changed… income and financial independence. I’m just barely getting scraping by. So I’ve been learning how to advertise myself and business but, honestly its not been financially fruitful for the investment I’ve already put in… yet. I am fully aware that most people want to SEE your results, not what you have to say so that’s what I am doing. The goal is to have 2 rescue therapy dogs on my own property. I suppose my scarcity mindset still has me trapped in the Matrix but, like Neo, I am still a work in progress. I have a few ideas and diligently working on them. In the mean time, I work at my own pace and don’t try to force myself into things I know I can’t financially get out of. I would highly recommend the same for anyone one who reads this. Get yourself OUT of debt as quickly as you can and into a business YOU control. Once that happens no one can tell you what to do anymore.

Gotta run now but stay curious, it’s your birth right.

Little Samurai

Published by I define Me

I found out I was misdiagnosed by a chance meeting. Ever since then, my life has never been the same. I want to help others like myself, who might suspect they could be Autistic to advocate for themselves, and find the appropriate ADULT resources to live the best life possible. As an adult, I'm tired of being pushed to the sidelines. We exist. We matter. I define Me.

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