How Do You Deal with Being Officially Told You Are Broke?

I’ve been trying desperately avoid this but it happened anyway… hope all the haters, are happy now. Yes, you’ve won today: The tax man told me, I am offically financially broke and might be a good idea to go get a job.

Yes I cried and still am, it isn’t pretty.

I definitely wasn’t expecting a hug, but got one so, I want to genuinely thank him for being so kind to me. Obviously being a business owner isn’t as “easy” as mentors pretend to make it seem. This is what a BROKE autistic adult still living at home, FEELS like.. shitty.

I’ve running into this question a LOT lately… How do you feel? Well I FEEL like I wasted my time. I FEEL like I wasted my money. I FEEL sick to my stomach. I FEEL like am ready to quit…

I’m not though. Why? I am still here. I am still breathing so I must be hear for a reason. Still not 100% sure where that fire is coming from but I have a hunch, I’ll be finding out sometime soon. Being debt free and broke is my way of life right now but in the meantime, sigh, where is a therapy dog when you need one?

Stay Curious,

Little Samurai

Published by I define Me

I found out I was misdiagnosed by a chance meeting. Ever since then, my life has never been the same. I want to help others like myself, who might suspect they could be Autistic to advocate for themselves, and find the appropriate ADULT resources to live the best life possible. As an adult, I'm tired of being pushed to the sidelines. We exist. We matter. I define Me.

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