Failed. Again. Where’s the Lesson?

So yesterday was painful. What I was predicting and desperately TRYING to avoid happened anyway. Had to shut down the business… which utimately means “non chiens pour moi.” Once again to those who are smiling right now, hope that FEELS good. What does one do with nothing but dreams? To me the answer is simple,Continue reading “Failed. Again. Where’s the Lesson?”

How Do You Deal with Being Officially Told You Are Broke?

I’ve been trying desperately avoid this but it happened anyway… hope all the haters, are happy now. Yes, you’ve won today: The tax man told me, I am offically financially broke and might be a good idea to go get a job. Yes I cried and still am, it isn’t pretty. I definitely wasn’t expectingContinue reading “How Do You Deal with Being Officially Told You Are Broke?”

I’m Just So Tired of This BS…

I’ve been trying to stay positive in a world that intentionally finds ways to PUSH every single one of my buttons… once again, another road block. Got an email today stating that I am NOT eligible for Adult Neurodevelopmental Services for Autism Assessment “due to eligibility criteria”… I emailed back and asked for what thatContinue reading “I’m Just So Tired of This BS…”

How I’ve Been Managing Inevitable Meltdowns/ Shut Downs

First, let me be very clear with MY own melt/shut downs… I will ALWAYS have them because that is just they way my body processes stress and anxiety. If one wants to pretend like they aren’t there, than that’s their problem NOT mine. So with that said, let me explain to you what I considerContinue reading “How I’ve Been Managing Inevitable Meltdowns/ Shut Downs”

Salut (Hi), Things Have Been Interesting…

Its almost 6 months since I last wrote, a lot has changed.. and stayed the same. First, I have to admit the depression has in someways decreased. How? I’ve started a new business, taken on online networking, and learning from one of the most resourceful mentor I could’ve ever imagined learning from. I consider myContinue reading “Salut (Hi), Things Have Been Interesting…”

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