On Disability…

It seems no matter what I do to become more independent, the world keeps throwing me more evidence that I will always be an dependent to my mother. It sucks, to say the least. I’ve got two associate certificates and not able to find work in neither field. Haven’t brought up “your career” talk toContinue reading “On Disability…”

Salut (Hi), Things Have Been Interesting…

Its almost 6 months since I last wrote, a lot has changed.. and stayed the same. First, I have to admit the depression has in someways decreased. How? I’ve started a new business, taken on online networking, and learning from one of the most resourceful mentor I could’ve ever imagined learning from. I consider myContinue reading “Salut (Hi), Things Have Been Interesting…”

Does Anyone Understand that Autistic Children Grow To Become Adults?

Because they do. So what happens to them when they are grown? I’ve been noticing this very disturbing pattern all around the world. Most information, advocacy and resources are targeted and geared toward the parents of children or teens on the Spectrum. Anyone else who falls outside that VERY limited criteria are… well… who caresContinue reading “Does Anyone Understand that Autistic Children Grow To Become Adults?”

Info Dump & I

Have you ever experienced what I like to call: Info Dump?… I have. Actually I’m having one right now. So what does Info Dump actually mean? It’s when you have pieces of information that you DESERATELY need to get off your chest or say out loud. There is literally SO much physical pressure to getContinue reading “Info Dump & I”

Oh. You’re Smart.

Shocking I know. When this newest doctor said it, I rolled my eyes and shook my head. My mother had just told him that I graduated from college twice and was able to saved $40 K years ago. And that was his eloquent answer. So not only was I pissed off and offended but IContinue reading “Oh. You’re Smart.”

Finally headed in the right direction…

Yesterday, I finally got taken seriously on my very obvious MISdiagnosis. After years of bouncing around from specialist to specialist with no answers, I’m going to be reffered to downtown Toronto’s CAMH Adult Neurodevelopmental Services for indiviuals that are 16- 60. And the best part is, I won’t have to pay like I had originallyContinue reading “Finally headed in the right direction…”

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