Finally an update.

I have been M.I.A. Why? I really have nothing to say and extremely depressed. However this past Monday, I FINALLY got an update regarding my referal. My Doctor did in fact, send it to the Clinic in Toronto. The receptionist said, in order for my name to be on their 12 MONTH waitlist, they wouldContinue reading “Finally an update.”

There Is “I” In Team

For most of my life, working in a team has been a major liability. No matter what the project was, I had to find solitude and silence to finish my part (and a lot of the time, everyone else’s) efficiently. I didn’t know why this always seemed to happen. Every “team” I was crowbarred into,Continue reading “There Is “I” In Team”

Does Anyone Understand that Autistic Children Grow To Become Adults?

Because they do. So what happens to them when they are grown? I’ve been noticing this very disturbing pattern all around the world. Most information, advocacy and resources are targeted and geared toward the parents of children or teens on the Spectrum. Anyone else who falls outside that VERY limited criteria are… well… who caresContinue reading “Does Anyone Understand that Autistic Children Grow To Become Adults?”

Why A Job & A Career Provokes My Meltdowns

I’ve noticed this pattern. Every interview, phone call or employment “opprotunity” I’ve ever had, felt like a death sentence. Like I was purposely putting myself in front of a firing squad. I’ve had to force myself to care about making a stranger like me in less then 10 minutes so, that I could potentially makeContinue reading “Why A Job & A Career Provokes My Meltdowns”

Info Dump & I

Have you ever experienced what I like to call: Info Dump?… I have. Actually I’m having one right now. So what does Info Dump actually mean? It’s when you have pieces of information that you DESERATELY need to get off your chest or say out loud. There is literally SO much physical pressure to getContinue reading “Info Dump & I”

Once You’ve Met One

I am here because I have something to say and want to help other adult struggling say what they have to say too. If you matter, I matter. Why do this? I am about the voice that often gets overlooked. I am female and an adult that was misdiagnosed. I want to help others knowContinue reading “Once You’ve Met One”

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